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Colours is a top 10 full service internet agency. With fifteen years of experience and sixty qualified professionals, Colours builds and improves websites and apps for ambitious companies. Operating with a credo that a website or app is never finished, Colours achieves the greatest result with the smallest improvement. Clients’ objectives are central and lead to creation of websites with a measurable, optimized result which is visible in a clear report. Colours: an online success!


Colours has such disciplines as concept & design, engineering and operational services. When necessary, Colours can use the internet specializations of one of the eight sister companies of the Group LECTRIC. Together with them Colours forms a powerful combination with a full service for customers. All in all Colours has a solid foundation in order to 'create' success.



Digital United

Colours is a part of the Digital United, an Internet powerhouse with approximately 200 employees, spread over eight Internet companies. Due to the unique composition, companies remain focused on their specific field and customer queries can also be realized within any of them. We have cooperation from a broader perspective: besides Colours Digital United includes Yourzine, Lectric Internet Courses, SearchResult, Someone, Social Inc., Provarix and Symfony |. XIB to Digital United.


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Colours is a full service agency that builds successful websites. A successful website is not only a successful design it is also a selection of a suitable content management system. Our specialists have years of experience in: Sitecore, Episerver, Umbraco, Smart Site and Drupal. Depending on your wishes and needs, we will guide you from A-Z in the choice of an appropriate CMS.