Philips Large Luminous Surfaces

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Carolin Lukač - Marketing Communications Manager

Using of Cinemagraphs

The website provides a convinient way to work with Philips Large Luminous Surfaces. The website appeals to architects and invites the viewer to interact. In the visual design of this site Cinemagraphs (partially animated graphics) were implemented. This ensures that the light panels display a dynamic picture of big visuals on the website.

Goals & target groups

The purpose of the website is to inspire and engage architects interested in Large Luminous Surfaces. Specifically, the website should result in lead generation. 

The website focuses primarily on:

  • Initiator: architects and architectural agencies
  • Purchaser (Buyer)
  • Influencer / User


  • Customer engagement
  • 100% Drupal
  • Responsive design
  • Happy customer!


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